Appraisal Services

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We are a full service residential real estate firm in Mobile, AL specializing in pre-listing and pre-purchase for realtors and individuals, as well as tax assessment, estate settlement, financial planning, trusts etc., matrimonial/divorce, and bankruptcy
for attorneys and individuals!

We can provide any type of residential real estate appraisal, as long as the intended use is for an ACCURATE appraisal!!

We provide ACCURATE and FAST appraisals for single family homes, Condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, mobile homes, and land!


We understand the traumatic effects that can be associated with incarceration, even for a very short period of time. There are very few situations in which an appraisal legitimately must be done very very quickly. An appraisal needed to determine collateral for a bail or immigration bond, while your loved one is in jail or some other type of custody, would certainly qualify for our highest priority. Our services will be both confidential and discreet to assure your privacy.

Please understand, however, this is a process that normally takes a minimum of three to five working days in most areas. We will likely have to move heaven and earth to accommodate you, and such service may not always be possible. Other assignments will have to be re-scheduled, work in progress must be postponed. It is reasonable to expect a significant increase in the fee for such extraordinary service.

Saturday, Sunday, early morning and late afternoon appointments are can be available at additional fee. 


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